University of Kentucky

The Markey Cancer Center (MCC) Cancer Research Informatics Shared Resource Facility (CRI) facilitates collaborative research among members of the MCC through the optimal application of informatics technologies and methods that maximize the accessibility and usability of data, information and knowledge. The primary goal of CRI is to provide comprehensive and centralized data acquisition and informatics support that is readily available to cancer center members.

Our services are:
  1. Custom database and software development
  2. Data warehousing
  3. Annotating and identifying human biospecimens
  4. Identifying patient cohorts for studies and recruitment
  5. High throughput computing
  6. Informatics consulting and grant preparation

CRI services are prioritized by the following levels:

Priority Level Support service
Level 1 Collaboration with investigators having peer-reviewed studies with CRI personnel funding
Level 2 Preparation of peer-reviewed grant applications with proposed funding for CRI personnel
Level 3 Cancer Center pilot/feasibility projects of Cancer Center members
Level 4 Development of other non-peer reviewed studies with request for CRI personnel funding
Level 5 Other unfunded research projects that require limited informatics support provided free of charge